#EUzaUčenjeiNovePrilike is a campaign of the EU Office and the EU Info Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina promoting the results of EU assistance to the education and employment sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The campaign will focus on results and initiatives of the European Union produced so far to improve and strengthen education and employment, especially for the youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as prospective future cooperation on ongoing and future projects.

Support to education and employment are of the utmost important to the EU’s policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The European Union is the biggest international donor to the educational system in Bosnia and Herzegovina with over EUR 60 million invested over the last two decades.

The campaign #EUZaObrazovanjeiNovePrilike will run on social media and traditional media in cooperation with youth organisations, universities, associations of pupils and students across Bosnia and Herzegovina, and civil society organizations.

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EU za učenje i nove prilike

Experiences and testimonials of the direct beneficiaries of programmes and projects the European Union is financing showcase that the citizens of the country require quality education, new skills, entrepreneurial thinking and a supportive business environment to enable a stable environment and support the economic growth of the country.

Quality education, employment and entrepreneurship for a better economy

The European Union has continuously supported quality education, economic development and employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aimed at increasing the standard of living and well-being of citizens. Throughout this ongoing assistance, partnerships with local communities and civil society organisations have supported the efforts of local governments to create mechanisms and address key problems that citizens face.


Last week twenty members of the public employment services (PES) staff in BiH attended a five-day training course Start and Improve Your Business organised under the project „EU4Business – for competitive and innovative local economy” funded by the European Union.

Small businesses achieve big results

The European Union and the German Government have supported economic development of local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the EU ProLocal Programme. A total of 20 municipalities throughout BiH, more than 100 companies, development agencies, faculties and other private sector business support service providers have benefited from this Programme.

Concrete results of the EU ProLocal Programme: Innovations and novelties on the BiH market

EUR 4 million of the European Union grant funds allocated to 57 small and medium-sized enterprises and 25 development partnerships have introduced new products and services in the local market. The grant funds were provided by the European Union through EU ProLocal.

Concrete results of the EU ProLocal Programme: BiH companies operating in accordance with international standards

EUR 4 million of the European Union grant funds allocated to 57 small and medium-sized enterprises and 25 development partnerships have enabled, among other, the international certification for 23 BiH enterprises. The certification raised the quality of their business operations to an international level and enabled access to new markets.

EU ProLocal Programme: Prevention is the key to fighting back against the floods

A company in Laktaši municipality was prepared for the new wave of floods which has recently hit the municipality. They have taken the protection measures defined by the flood risk action plan. The preparation of this plan was enabled by the European Union and German Government through the EU ProLocal Programme.

Motivational Days in High Schools – Your lives and careers are just beginning

“The best way to maintain motivation is daily work on yourself, to be surrounded by successful people, to travel as much as possible, and to constantly improve your knowledge”, said Adnan Mujanović from Tuzla.

BiH Youth Break The Walls In Science, Technology And Social Innovations

Dženan Kovačić, whose ambitious idea is to break the wall of tuberculosis treatment, will take part in the global finals of the Falling Walls Lab in Berlin in November, representing Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dženan is one of 11 young minds who participated in the national finals organised in Sarajevo for the first time with the aim of promoting exceptional ideas and connecting promising young talents from all fields on a countrywide and global level.

Opportunities for Youth Exist

Representatives of employers, academia, students and civil society organizations gathered last week at an event in Sarajevo entitled “Student Internship: a Fast Track to a Job” in order to examine the necessity of introducing practical instruction as an incentive to better education and faster employment of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Active and entrepreneurial BiH youth for a better future

More than 200 high school students from 36 municipalities across Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in the biggest business challenge competition for youth, organised for the 7th year in a row. Hardworking young and bright minds gathered in Sarajevo for the three day finals, officially opened at the EU Info Centre, competition partner.

Investments in emerging industries: European Union supports over 600 new jobs

Hundreds have found jobs in the past two years thanks to the support of the European Union, while companies in BiH still lack qualified and skilled workers.

EU supports creation of 550 new jobs

The European Union has continuously supported economic development and employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through the project “Support to Local Employment Partnerships”, worth EUR 4 million, the EU has supported formal employment and job creation in order to improve Bosnia and Herzegovina’s business environment and economic competitiveness.